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Feel free to ask us about PKGBUILD

This is a place for non-polish speaking people who are looking for PKGBUILDs of software not available in Arch Linux official repository, third party repositories nor AUR (Arch Linux Users Repository). In this thread you can make a request for PKGBUILD. We'll be happy if we could help.

In the longer term, maybe we will consider to setup our repository with binary packages.


Our repository (only for PKGBUILD's, so now) is on github: There are a few repositories:
1. aur-rebased - for PKGBUILD's available in AUR but with our changes. You can find there packages build on the other framework (i.e. on Qt5 instead of Qt4), git version etc. This repository is for every user, rather.
2. new-branded - for PKGBUILD's there aren't in oficial repositories or in AUR. This repository is for every user, too.
3. recompilated - for PKGBUILD's builds packages from binary packages for the other distributions (like rpm or deb). This PKGBUILD's aren't in official repositories or in AUR and repository is for every user, too.
4. repo-refreshed - for PKGBUILD's of packages available in official repositories, but with patches and improvements build from GIT. It's rather only for advanced users and with testing in mind.
5. pkg-trunk - for PKGBUILD's for upcoming version of applications such as alpha, beta or RC, that aren't in even those repository as kde-unstable or gnome-unstable. For advanced, tester users.
6. highest-experimental - contains very experimental packages and only for very, very advanced users.
7. wip - work-in-progress - contains PKGBUILD's only for POLAUR's team. Those PKBUILD's will be available in the future in one of our repositories as mentioned above. PKBUILD's in this repository aren't for any use, but if somebody would like to help us in developing them, it's welcome.

Be patient! We are thinking about our better support (i.e. IRC' channel etc.)

Hardware: AMD: A8-7410 APU with Radeon R5; Arch testing+kde-unstable, kernel linux-pb, KDE+poprawki



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